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When selecting a meeting ring or jewelry, you have to pick a gemstone. The main choices are diamonds or moissanite. Both rocks look nice as jewelry. But they are different too.

Should I Get Moissanite Or Diamond?

Should I Get Moissanite Or Diamond?

When selecting a meeting ring or jewelry, you have to pick a gemstone. The main choices are diamonds or moissanite. Both rocks look nice as jewelry. But they are different too. 

Diamonds are traditionally used. But they can be very expensive. Moissanite is like diamonds but more reasonable. It is made of silicon carbide rather than carbon. Diamonds are the hardest natural material. But moissanite is almost as hard, making it tough too. They have similar shine and sparkle in rings. Picking between diamonds and moissanite can be hard. Each one has good points and not as good points. 

In this article, we’ll discuss more interesting things about it. It will help you pick which suits what you can pay and what you want. So stay tuned with us!

What is Moissanite?

Moissanites can be seen in nature, but they are very rare. People usually see synthetic moissanites. Scientists make these in labs out of silicon and carbon. They look like diamonds but are man-made. Stores sell lots of moissanite rings and jewelry because people like something adorable that costs less. Moissanite affordable rings deliver a beautiful option for those looking for diamond-like sparkles at a very lower price point than similar diamond jewelry.

The ones in jewelry are always synthetic. Real natural moissanites are too small to see and are only for science collections. So when you go shopping for rings, the moissanite ones will be lab-made ones that copy diamonds instead of the tiny natural rocks.

Moissanite vs Diamonds

People often wonder if moissanite or diamonds are prettier. They both look very nice in rings. It can be hard to tell them apart just by looking. Jewelry experts need special tools to know for sure which is which. They use a moissanite tester that checks how well each gem conducts electricity. They also use a small magnifying glass called a loupe to see very tiny details. There are some key differences between Moissanite vs diamond that the untrained eye may be able to detect with close examination - diamonds have inclusions and moissanites are mostly inclusion-free, and they sparkle differently under magnification.

Diamonds and moissanites have small differences that some people can spot. Diamonds might sparkle a bit differently. They also have the tiniest flaws inside when you look very close. But most people believe moissanites are very pretty too since they shine and look like real diamonds without costing as much money. Moissanite wedding rings have become increasingly famous as a reasonable option to diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. So it just relies on what each person likes the look of best.


Moissanite provides excellent value compared to diamonds. It costs around 10% of the price for a diamond of equivalent size. Larger moissanite stones provide even better relative value. If you desire a large, white gemstone but cannot afford a sizable diamond, moissanite is an ideal alternative. Small, lower-quality diamonds can sometimes cost more than larger, higher-quality moissanite stones. Obtaining a flawless colorless diamond can be extremely expensive. The Moissanite Ice Crush Cut ring setting is particularly popular due to its unique crushed ice appearance that maximizes the stone's sparkle and fire.

For most people, the 'perfect' clear diamond is not a realistic purchase option. Moissanite presents a suitable choice for those seeking an alternative to diamonds with blemishes or a smaller size. You do not need to compromise on quality or size by choosing moissanite instead of a lower-grade diamond. It offers a stunning gem at a far more affordable price point than even an imperfect diamond.


Diamonds are very hard. They do not damage or wear down easily. Diamonds are classified 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. This means they are the hardest natural material. Only diamonds can scratch other diamonds because nothing is harder. This is one reason diamonds are expensive jewels. Moissanite is also very hard. It is second only to diamonds. 

Moissanite receives a high rating on the Mohs scale too, between 9.25-9.5. This shows it is almost as hard as diamonds. Diamonds are the hardest at 10 but moissanite is nearly as tough at 9.9 on the Mohs scale. Both keep brilliance for years, outshining other gems in durability and radiance. Their mineral structure battles damage and dullness. The similar hard substance in diamond and moissanite appoint them best for rings, necklaces, and other baubles meant to sparkle for a lifetime.


Diamonds and moissanites are not the same. The biggest difference is how brilliant they are. Moissanite sparkles more than diamonds. It is the brightest gemstone and has lots of sparkle. This is because moissanite is cut differently than diamonds. It is cut in a way that makes the sparkle stand out. Moissanite especially scatters light. 

It scatters over twice as much light as diamonds. So moissanite looks like it is on fire with many rainbow colors when you turn it. Diamonds just look very white when you turn them. Moissanite sparkles with beautiful rainbow colors.


Moissanite used to look yellow or green. Now it can be clear without color. People have made it better over time. Diamonds come in many colors. They use letters to show how yellow they are. 

D is clear, no color. Z is very yellow. Grades between may look the same to us. Experts can tell small differences. They give certificates with the exact grade. This helps when buying diamonds. A lower grade means more yellow. The best is D, completely clear without any color.

Shopping Considerations

  • Moissanite can be discovered for a reasonable price, so don't get stones with visible defects in transparency or color.
  • The stone should be "eye pure" telling you can't see inclusions with the nude eye.
  • Look for high brightness or "fire" when light plugs the stone.
  • The stone should have a radiant, glassy shine.
  • It should have a smooth, polished surface with the tiniest scratches.
  • Shop with trusted retailers to get the best quality for your money.
  • Moissanite duos are well with any other gemstone like diamonds.
  • It can be set in any type of jewelry set from rings to necklaces.
  • Moissanite is very adaptable and can be customized in different layouts.
  • You should be able to discover a moissanite piece you love since there are many choices.


Is moissanite as good as a diamond? 

No, moissanite is not as rare or helpful but makes a beautiful reasonable alternative.

What is the downside of moissanite? 

It is not as hard-wearing as a diamond and may mark or chip additional easily over time.

Does Moissanite look fake? 

No, high-quality moissanite rocks look very similar to diamonds to the unskilled eye and are only different by jewelers or gemologists.

Which sparkles more, moissanite or diamond? 

Moissanite tends to have grander scatterings of white which means it tends to flash more than a diamond of comparable size.


Moissanite is a reasonable alternative to diamond that creates great jewelry. While not as challenging as diamond, moissanite is almost as durable with a hardness of 9.25–9.5. This is only slightly softer than diamond. Moissanite also sparkles more than diamond when light hits it. The double refraction makes the sparkle look brighter. This makes moissanite eye-catching for jewelry. People like moissanite because it glitters with many colors like a rainbow. 

Even though it dazzles like a diamond, moissanite costs much less. You can get a larger stone that is clearer compared to what a diamond would cost. Whether people choose moissanite or diamond depends on their taste and budget. However, moissanite provides excellent value and shine. It is a fantastic choice for those who want a big, high-quality stone without spending a fortune.

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